a postal-based lit mag because we love USPS & getting cool things in the mail

hello! we’re the pretty cool poetry thing. we make little paper zines of poetry and organize the occasional poetry reading. we’re based out of Philadelphia, PA, but are focused on mailing out our zines to anywhere you want ‘em. we don’t publish online - there’s plenty of very good online lit mags that do that. we don’t publish bound books or glossy magazines - again, plenty of good lit mags that do that. we publish our poems on good ol’ A5-sized cheap-ass paper, because they’re uhhh cheap, cute and pocket-sized. because it’s so cheap to make, we’re able to pay our poets.

we mail out to our donors on patreon on a rolling basis as we put together new poetry things. right now, that's a seasonal zine, but we've always got new stuff in the works!

questions, inquiries, jokes, lunch dates, suggestions, lizard pics, and any other thing like that can be sent to prettycoolpoetrything@gmail.com ;)

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